What Makes Us Unique

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    Access to Industry Professionals

    All WMA faculty members are communication professionals from the UAE market, which means all your potential “employers” are actually in the classroom delivering lectures. If you interact and engage with them in the classroom, who knows which job door might open up.

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    Hands on Training

    The fact that all our faculty members are sourced from the Industry itself, this means that students receive hands on training allowing them to develop the communication skills that are key to career development. Students learn from the best practices of the industry, relevant to the region, and taught hands on

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    Internship & Placement Opportunities

    WMA offers all enrolled students access to its internship and placement programs with some of the leading communication companies in the UAE. This again is due to our excellent network of industry connections.

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    Learning Management System

    The classroom is equipped with WiFI, lecture video recording systems and an online notes distribution student portal. Students can download faculty presentations, they can come to the class and review recorded lectures and enjoy the best learning management system in the region.

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    The Right Time & Right Place

    The courses that are taught as part of WMA have huge potential for growth and entrepreneurship. With the media revolution- citizen journalism, blogging, corporate communication, crisis communication, reputation management, digital marketing and social media are the new wave of communication. These skills can be applied to any company, any industry, and students can also freelance in these fields.