Bharti Makhijani

Course Director WMA

Communication & PR expertBharti manages the PR & Journalism vertical at EMDI – under the brand name World Media Academy. Bharti is a self confessed “nutritionist” and is often heard trying to ensure all the team members eat healthy and stay healthy.

Bharti is the true “brit” in the office, bringing a perfectionist attitude to her work and timings imbibed from her years in London. Blessed with a 2 wonderful children, she is ready to make waves in communication ! | +9714 4332831

Nowshir Engineer

Founder & Managing Director

Nowshir is the Founder of EMDI and spends much of time travelling across all of EMDI’s branches in India, Dubai and Africa. He calls Dubai is home and has painstakingly grown EMDI from a small Institute to a global conglomerate, now partnered with Greycells Education.

Never found without a Smile, Nowshir can be often seen networking, talking and engaging with students and faculty members, a profile which he enjoys the most.

He lives by the caveat – The only way to do great work is to Love what you do.. When not found at EMDI (which is very rare), he can be seen watching cricket, exploring new places to eat and the occasional good sheesha.

Rachita Chouhan

Program Coordinator

Rachita Chouhan is the newest entrant in the EMDI family, having moved from Amritsar, India  after her university to study at EMDI Dubai. Having always wanted to be a wedding planner since the age of 12, Rachita moved to EMDI Dubai to study events and wedding planning. However before any company could hire her, EMDI Dubai asked Rachita to join the team. The rest as they say is history ! Rachita has won several trophies and awards in Performing Arts also happens to be a self confessed foodie. Travelling is next on her agenda  and there no better place then EMDI to meet new people, cultures and travel different roads with all her new ‘companions‘ & ‘students | +971 4 4332832

Abul Faiz Kasim – “Fayaz”

Head Finance & Admin

Fayaz is the self-designated Chief Financial Officer.  As the Head of Administration – Fayaz manages EMDI’s lecture recording technology, accounts, admin and banking work – and is duly the PRO of the company. He is always spotted running between Immigration authorities, KV authorities, Bank Authorities, and manages the Technicals and AV in the class during lectures. Blessed with a wonderful wife and 3 daughters, Fayaz has a massive fan following with the students.

Who love him for this enthusiasm, humour and as the team says; his Local Arab style! | +97144332833


Housekeeping & Services

If you ask 90% of the faculty at EMDI, they all say they come to teach for 3 reasons – Love and Passion, EMDI’s token of appreciation, and most importantly – the cup of coffee.

All courtesy of EMDI’s team member – Elango. Elango is the first to arrive and the last to leave, ensuring the premises are spotlessly clean. He remembers every faculty requirement – and ensures that their choice of snacks, juices, tea, coffee or Redbull is ready.

He is a stickler for cleanliness and timing – and hence is entrusted with taking student attendance, and collecting late fees ! His best quality – he never says No. | +9714 4332833