WMA Guest Speakers & Lecturers

WMA ensures that all its faculty are sourced from the industry. Which means that unlike normal education institutes which have fixed academic professors, all lecturers at WMA are industry professionals. This means you get to learn from the best, and what they teach you is locally relevant, current and practical information. This network is simply outstanding for students undertaking the course, and you never know… our lecturers are always on the look out for providing internships and jobs!!

  • Alexander McNabb

    Spot on PR

  • Ameachi Odiatu


  • Austyn Allison


  • Brent Harbour

    Radio Production - Radio 1

  • Chris Kinsville


  • David Westley


  • Dev J Haldar

    Media Expert (Radio)

  • Feyaza Khan

    WMA Faculty Radio 1

  • Ian Tonge

    IRT Marketing

  • Jean Oosthuizen

    Events Related to PR - Spoontacular Events

  • John James

    WMA Faculty, Print Journalism IRIN News Agency

  • Jonathan Howell Jones


  • Kari Patey

    Executive Producer, WNBC-TV

  • Kenneth Tiven

    Former CNN executive

  • Mark Pendergast

    Radio 2, BBC World Service

  • Michael Shagoury

    AJ - WMA

  • Miriam Farshoukh

    The Coca-Cola Company

  • Nana Mansell

    Nana Mansell PR

  • Nick Walshe

    Broadcast Journalism & Corporate Communication - Consultant

  • Oliver Clarke

    News Photography - Professional Photographer

  • Preeti Kannan

    The National

  • Priyanka Bhattacharya Dutt

    Radio News Presenting - Dubai One

  • Radhina Coutinho


  • Rob Reynolds

    Al-Jazeera English Correspondent

  • Samantha Armstrong

    The PR Company

  • Scott Winter

    Assistant Professor, U .of Nebraska

  • Simon Pluckrose


  • Yolaan Begbie

    Television Writing & Presenting - San Media

All WMA guest lecturers and speakers represent themselves as professionals in their respective industries in their own capacity and do not represent their respective organisations of employment.