Accredited Diploma Courses

Course Accreditation

With an impeccable record over the last 10 years, EMDI Overseas FZ LLC is recognized amongst all companies in the region as an excellent training centre and place for sourcing candidates. The fact that the industry itself comes to train, itself is testimony to the outstanding credentials of all courses conducted. On an academic perspective EMDI institute and the subsequent WMA courses are recognized certificate programmes by the Knowledge Human Resources Development Authority in the UAE.

To add further merit, our accredited short courses here are equivalent of Diploma Course offerings globally. We are a recognized EDEXCEL ASSURED CENTRE, Edexcel being UK’s largest vocational accreditation board. This assured status means that EdExcel UK, (part of the Pearson Group) has studied our curriculum, processes, quality standards, and faculty and training methodology, and issues an EdExcel Assured Certificate to each learner for our Full course diploma qualification.